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Weird Kids, Wordles and Gifts for You! Woo Hoo!


Welcome to the Weekend! We are rockin' our Wordle in honor of Shan's Week-end Wordles! This is Shannon's Wordle Launch Weekend so go and give her some linky love! She's also known as Baby Roca's Mama at My Last Shreds of Sanity! The kids and I had a bunch of fun making wordles this week! She's ready to show you how to rock your wordle so get on over there when you're all finished up here!

Weird Kids

I'm speaking of my weird kids, of course. Last night as we were tucking in for bed, I said to Miss Cat, "Don't let the bed bugs bite!" An evil grin appears on her cherubic face and she says, "I'll kill the bed bugs, put them in soup and use them in my chicken stir fry!" HUH? What the heck kind of crazy games does she play when I'm not around???? I'm kind of freaked out by this little angel!

This is the same weird kid that publicly humiliated our family at Olive Garden a few months ago during our delightful lunch outing. (She was five...) It went something like this...

Me: "Hey kids, I have a surprise for Daddy when we get home!"
(meaning: House is clean, laundry is done...weekend is free for family me, that is a huge surprise...)

Cat: " What's the surprise, Mama? True Love's Kiss? (long pause....) Sex?"

Me: Choking and spitting out my peach tea..."WHAT???!!!!"

Whoa nellie! Hello! Where the heck did she learn that word????? Did I mention that the waitress is standing at the table trying not to bust a gut? Tween Caveboy covers his face with a napkin and buries his head in the sand. Chilly, of course, finds this hilarious and wants to know more. NERDANDERTHAL! Doesn't he know you can't stop this runaway train once you climb on board?

Of course, she used her outdoor voice when asking me this question. Finally, after recovering from my shock and horror, I ask her what she thinks that means. "It means to hug someone, Mama!" she smiles while sipping down her Sprite. "Where did you hear that word?" I lean over to whisper. "Giselle said it in 'Enchanted', Mama." again...with the outdoor voice! (And boo to you, Disney! Well, kind of boo...I really do love that movie...)

It's really no big deal to her, you see...or is it? Do I see a hint of an evil grin appearing on that little mouth of hers? I'm pretty sure I did.

Tween Caveboy has his weird moments too. I am not at liberty to share them. He charges me too much money for his stories. I simply can't afford him.


My 100th post is coming soon! In order to celebrate, I'm hosting a fabulous giveaway! More details to come soon, but I'll give you a's gonna be big! Stay tuned!


I have been blessed by three very lovely bloggy buddies with awards!

First, A Psych Mommy was so very kind to share the Luv Award with me! Please clickety on over to see her! She is one of the sweetest people you'll ever meet! I love visiting her blog! She always has fun giveaways going on too!

Here are the rules for this award:

1) Put the logo on your blog or post.

2) Nominate at least 10 blogs that show great attitude or gratitude.
(In the interest of time, I can only share the Luv with 5 today...but feel free to grab this award if you want to! I want to share the love with all of you!)

3) Link to your nominees within your post.

4) Let the nominees know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.

5) Share the love and link to the person from who you received your award.

Here are my Luv Awardees...

*Debra at Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History (The title of her blog alone says alot about this crazy lady! LOVE her! Honestly, she's just about the best gal around!)

*Kelly at
We Don't Mean to Brag (Kelly is a real sweetheart! She would love your linky love! Her blog is adorable...and so are her kids!)

*Shannon at
..::It's Trickey::.. (Wonderful bloggy gal! She's a very inspirational girl and has a heart of gold!)

*Natalie at
The Bobby Pin (Natalie is a very witty bloggy girl! She will make you smile and giggle every time you visit!)

*Mother Mayhem at Mother Mayhem (She's a new bloggy friend and seriously cracks me up!)

If you have a moment, please go give a bloggy shout out to these wonderful ladies!

I was also given the bloggy love from Misadventurous Mommy over at Misadventures in Baby Raising! I heart her so much! She writes a very funny blog about her family of four kids! She's a full-time student and aspiring writer to boot! She awarded me the Kreativ Blogger award! In order to receive my award I must share 7 things I love with you. Easy, since I'm in a lovey mood!

I also just found out that Denise over at Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys is sharing this with me too! Many of you already know how wonderful Denise is! Truly one of the kindest souls you'll ever meet! I heart her too! Thank you, Denise! I am honored!

1. I LOVE my family!

2. I LOVE all of my bloggy friends!

3. Like Misadventurous Mommy, I LOVE skulls! Pretty girly skulls not creepy satanic ones!

4. I LOVE Shadow and Gordie (our pets)!

5. I LOVE the movie "Love Actually."

6. I LOVE Cherry Coke!

7. I LOVE books!

I am to spread the love around so I will share this with Kate at Home is Where My Heart Is. Kate is one of the most creative bloggers I know! She's a jewel! Please swing by to say hello! I just love her to pieces!

I would also like to share this with Lori over at my faerie window! Her blog is so beautiful, and like Kate, she is incredibly creative! You'll see when you pop over for a visit!

And Cygnus Macllyr at My Song...come get your Scrap! (Give this kind sir some linky love!)

Whew! That's all folks!

Have a fantastic weekend!

p.s. For the record...I don't remember Giselle saying that word in "Enchanted"...Cat is probably just trying to get Giselle in trouble...


Kristina P. said…
Congrats on your awards and have a great weekend!
Blog Stalker said…
All I want to say is, HOW FRIKIN' Hillarious the Olive Garden Sex story was! Kids definitely say the darndest things. Not funny right then but now look at the awesome story you get to tell over and over. And embarass her when she is older. oh yeah!

Have a great day!
annie kelleher said…
congrats on your awards!! i dont think your kid is weird - mine lived to embarrass me. my youngest favorite game was to whine in the middle of the grocery store: "why do you have to hit me so hard, mommy?" finally i had to explain to her that what she was saying was NOT funny and she might end up with a new mommy if she kept it up.
Anonymous said…
I can't believe she said that?!?!? Hahahaha!

I saw a baby girl this week wearing this adorable girly skull dress. So cute!
Mother Mayhem said…
Aw... Now I have the warm fuzzies. :o)
What a great award...I'll be checking out these...after I catch up on my own favs...

Bless your dd for using her outside voice to embarass will laugh about this for years to come...and remind her often when she becomes a
Momo Fali said…
I don't remember "that word" in Enchanted! Good thing my six year old son didn't see it, or I would've been called out just like you were!

And, the bed bugs? Ew.
Claire said…
Oh my gosh! That's almost as good as Laura announcing to the whole library the appropriate names for boy and girl genitalia. Did Giselle say that in Enchanted? I really don't remember, but if so, boo is right. It's such a cute movie!

I'm very excited for your 100th post and giveaway. Mine was so much fine!

PS. My hubby would be just like yours-forget the young child saying "sex" in a restaurant, he would want more details!
Ashley said…
Miss Cat is hilarious! Poor you though :) I remember doing that to my mom!
Marie Reed said…
A hug is the only kind of sex my hubby gets lately! The definition rings true:)
Robyn Jones said…
OMG!!!That story made me laugh so hard I have to pee...Oh wait....I did....Hubby is also laughing....How old is this kid...I think I want to meet her! She is my hero....Oh...and weddings are your chance to get keep notes...
A Psych Mommy said…
You definitely deserve all the awards! Your blog is a fave of mine!
A Psych Mommy said…
BTW--I wanted to mention that my husband got in trouble in preschool when he wrote "s-e-x" on the wall of his classroom. The teacher thought it was horrific--his parents labeled him as gifted.
ChicagoLady said…
Thanks for visiting my blog! I had fun creating my Wordle, with all the color options. Maybe next time I'll play with the fonts.

I used a blog post to create mine because I have absolutely no creativity and would never be able to pick my own words for it.
babyrocasmama said…
Awesome Wordle, Dawn! I love that you made one to frame for you Chilly's Birthday!

And Awards, my sweet Lord you are getting the motherlode! But you deserve it all!

And thank you for participating in my meme. I heart you! {for more than just this reason, of course!}
babyrocasmama said…
OH DANG! I forgot, one last thing....The sex comment...Oh I am waiting for that with my little one. BUT when we were in the grocery store a few months back...she was in the shopping cart, I was pushing it, Hubby was walking alongside, Ro reaches her hand in my shirt and says VERY LOUDLY "Mommy, you have BIG BooBoos. Daddy has little BooBoos. I will have Big BoobBoos someday. Can I see yours?"

I wanted to die of embarrassment! Maybe I nursed her a little bit too long....
Me said…
Congrats on the awards! You deserve them my bloggy friend! Quite frankly you kick some major bloggy boo-tay!

I love kids! They say the darndest things, and in the darndest places too!

P.S. I'm excited for you giveaway! You have managed 100 posts FAST! You go girl!
LadyStyx said…
Oh dear Heaven! I think I would have slid under the table if that had happened to me. I suspect once kids start showing up here, that may very well be where I'll be spending alot of my time.

Very nice Wordle!
Kelly said…
Wow! I am honored that you would post a link to my blog and offer me that award. I am not sure what to do with it. I honestly can only think of 3 bloggers I know who would appreciate it. The rest are sort of private or people I don't know well enough yet. So please don't take offense if I don't pay it forward just yet. You are sweet to think of me...
Anonymous said…
Maybe if you play the movie backwards you hear the word "sex." Oooo, let's try it. Or maybe it's subliminal. That Disney can be sneaky.

Congrats on the awards!
Brenda Jean said…
I don't remember that in enchanted either...hmmm...maybe we just blocked it out? I can laugh at the Olive Garden story because it wasn't ME...BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Congrats on your awards:)
Congrats on your awards! You totally deserve them... :)

HILARIOUS dinner a restaurant...I can totally see Princess Nagger doing/saying something like that when she gets older... LOL!!!
Congrats on your awards. Kids are so funny. My daughter doesn't say much yet, but I'm sure it will be interesting when she does.
Kristen Andrews said…
congrats on your awards I sent u an email too you won the ecco contest!
Nerdy Jess said…
Bwahahha @ your comment, too funny!


I got the wallet at a store called Torrid, they are online, I LOVE THEM. Fashionable clothes for chunky bitches.

Pfffft, your not old.

Baby Mama is GREAT! We chat it up all the time, she stalks me. I love it ;)

nikkicrumpet said…
Ya gotta love a kid like that...especially when she belongs to someone else hehehe. If we only had a nickle for every time our kids embarass us. I learned that when they become back is a ton of fun!
Nerdy Jess said…
Torrid is the AWESOMESAUCE for sure. I spend way too much money there. I plan to head there soon for some Spring clothes, woot! I also have a fabtastic lime green puffy hello kitty wallet I got from there over xmas, I go back and forth :D
Debbie said…
Whoa! That conversation would have stopped me in my tracks too! How funny. And I don't remember that in the movie but my kids are older and I pay attention to different things:)
Natalie said…
Oh my goodness! Thank you sooo much!!!! I'm sorry I didn't thank you sooner! I was hosting a dinner party tonight and had my GMAT class! Congrats on your awards - wow! Thanks for spreadin the love!
Donnetta said…
Oh, Giselle, and here we thought you were so sweet and innocent!! :)
MindyLew said…
Congrads on your wonderful awards - and thanks for sharing all the wonderful - exciting blogs!!
Children are so fun and they sure know how to make us slither under the table. LOL :}
Megan said…
Fun Wordle! =D

Congrats on your awards.

TOTALLY LMAO @ your daughter! What a little stinker! LOL
LadyStyx said…
Thanks for the kind words. They were truly appreciated!
Queenie Jeannie said…
Thank you for stopping by my blog! It's great to *meet* new people! Had to laugh at your daughter embarrassing you - fabulous!!!

Congrats on the lovely awards too! said…
Love that story! Funny!
Jenners said…
That weird kid stuff was tooooo funny! I would have spit out my drink if I was drinking when I heard it! (Yes...I know that was a very awkward sentence but I'm leaving it.)

And I'm intrigued by your 100th post teaser!
Becca said…
I just love the bed bug part. God for her for not being scared of those bed bugs!


Please visit me at
Stephenie said…
I'm in tears laughing about the Olive Garden Sex story. Kids truly say the darndest things...Congrats on your award....
pam said…
Love your Olive Garden story.

Can't wait for your giveaway! Hope your weekend is going well!
Alexis AKA MOM said…
OMG I almost spit my squirt out when I SEX ... LOL that is great, well not from a mom point of view just a funny blog stalker laughing way ... LOL I love it!

Congrats on all the awards! And I can't wait for your giveaway!
The Blonde Duck said…
Congrats on your awards! You deserve them!
Lori said…
oh my, well that sure was a lunch to remember:) hee hee

congrats on all of your awards and thanks for passing one on to me!!!
Nerdy Jess said…
GOSH MOM! The seats down! 2.3 seconds after I snapped that photo, I put it down. UGH, Men!

So guess who just bought 7 handbags in Kohls clearance bin for $54?! ME, THATS WHO!
Cygnus MacLlyr said…
I second Cat's second suddestion that nacht.
And that said, will take my hones scrap and go back to the Irish Sea...

Oh, Lady, if you would-- wherever did you ... the term "kind sir" ...

Only one other Woman I've ever been called so by, and she is one of Five, after Forty-near-two years, I count as FRIEND.
I humbly bow, Lady(-ies) B&R...
LORI said…
Anonymous said…

I would've cracked up too!
Anonymous said…
aaaawwwww!!! That is just the sweetest thing!!! Thank you so much!
Randi Troxell said…
LOL! your little one sounds hilarious! its my biggest fear.. when i have kids im afraid i wont be able to get on to them when they do something like that... hubby and i will prolly just be laughin away!
Awww I heart you too...and Cygnus who couldn't adore that man!

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