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Parade of Fools

I love a good parade! As a child growing up in the Midwest, I went to lots of them. I actually marched in a few, and rode with Ronald McDonald on a float once! My favorite parades were during the Pumpkin Show in my hometown of Circleville, OH.

I spent yesterday walking with Catherine in the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Tucson. It was lots of fun, but I had some seriously aching muscles last night!

Now, this is the first parade my kids have ever seen “in real life.” We watch the Macy’s Turkey Day Parade every year. There aren’t many parade opportunities in AZ so I can't wait to hear what my kids will think about their first parade! Oh, and yeah, Tween Caveboy...someone from the Tucson Irish Community got a shot of you at the parade! lol!!

Later, we’re hanging around talking about the parade and Connor says, “those Dancing Queens were hideous.” I’m thinking how cute he is for calling the festival queens “Dancing Queens.” Apparently, I have been overplaying my ABBA cd lately. Trying to be the “nice police,” I tell him beauty is in the eye of the beholder and to stop being such a critic. He says, “Mom, they looked like dudes.” Chilly shakes his head yes…that indeed, they did…because that’s what they were…dudes….in drag….”dancing queens”….I laughed and thought that was weird, but hey, they were called the “Mash Potato Queens” and I figured with the whole potato thing, that was somewhat Irish.

Connor goes on to say, “wasn’t that weird when those kids ran out in the street to hug the Stormtroopers and Darth Vader?” HUH? What the heck kind of Irish parade were Cat and I marching in? Did we somehow end up on the Deathstar? And I had no idea Darth Vader was Irish!

Then Connor and Chilly start talking about the low-rider trucks cruising the parade route. (well, we are in Tucson…but I haven’t seen too many Irish families bouncing up and down the city streets in those…)

(no, he doesn't not have a flat..he is making his truck "walk"...)
Oh..and Santa showed up too...

I am flustered! What about the real festival queens? Where were the marching bands? Where were the silly clowns spraying water on the crowd? Where were the city council members riding in the back of convertibles waving at the crowds? Where were all the Moms pushing their sweet darlings in decorated wagons and strollers? And only a handful of beautiful floats in the whole 90 minute parade!? (which by the way, makes for a very long parade...yawn...) What is going on?! This wasn’t how I pictured my kids watching their first parade! (Insert heavy sighing here…)

Overall, it was a fantastic day filled lots of Irish fun! I am just waxing nostalgic for the parades of my youth. I wish I could hop on a plane and head back “home” (Ohio) for the upcoming spring and summer festivals and parades. (Insert more heavy sighing…)

What are your favorite parade memories? Do you have a favorite parade that you watch each year?

Have a Happy Monday!

p.s. (more give away hints coming soon!!)

p.s.s. Still not ignoring you all with my comment love...after tomorrow, we will be all done performing for a while and I can get back to my regular stalking activities!


Kristina P. said…
I have a love/hate relationship with parades. I like the idea of them, but when I actually go to one, I realize I think they are sort of boring.
Cammie said…
freaking love the pumpkin show!!
Jillene said…
We go to an annual 4th of July parade every year. I have never missed one in my entire 36 years. It's a great family tradition!!
kel said…
I also love parades, and St Patty's day ones are the best!
Anonymous said…
We have a huge parade here the first Saturday of May every year called the Blossomtime Parade and I hate it. Always did. Always will. However, when the kids marched in it, I was front and center with my cameras at the ready. I'm not a parade girl at all. Maybe it's because that huge parade I just mentioned is huge and stupid!!!!

However, give me a Disney parade anytime! Those are the best and I adore them.
Kelly said…
My favorite parade memories include my Dad looking up the name of all the queens in the parade roster, then calling to them as if he were their long lost friend and seeing if he could get a personal wave from each one. So funny and embarrassing for me as a teen.
blognut said…
Sounds... interesting. I usually only go to parades when it's -5 degrees outside and raining ice.
Me said…
We always return to my home town for the 4th of July parade. Like many though..we want it, we do it, only to wish about 15 minutes in to it that we hadn't..because they are boring!

I'm rode with Ronald McDonald! Lucky! :)
Your dd looks cute in the parade. Parades are great and there are a lot of them where i live, but mostly horses and farm machinery! We do however have clowns and floats with people walking around handing out candy! My favorite memory is when my boys were little and the summer we must have gone to at least 8 parades! Love the small town parades where the kids decorate their bikes, and the wagons!
Randi Troxell said…
looks like fun... i looove parades!!
mommaof4wife2r said…
really cute...we do the st pat's parade tomorrow. grandma is featured! woooo! dancing queen, btw, is cracking me up and i'm now singing it too!
The Blonde Duck said…
Sounds like ya'll had a wonderful time! I love parades--if I'm in them!
What son would have been totally stoked to see those stormtroopers!!
Marie Reed said…
You're from Ohio! I posted a postcard from Ohio today... well yesterday.. I'm still sick:) My favorite parades were the Chinese new year parades in San Francisco! I can still smel the fire crackers!

Stormtroops are definitely Irish. I'm sure that they were all wearing green underwear under those suits!
devri said…
I hate parades. but the kids love them.. too hot, boring.

get back to stalkin.. where are your prioritys... yeah so I can't spell.
The Dotterel said…
We don't 'do' parades much here in the UK: the weather's usually against it, although Sally did carry the flag for Brownies last year on St George's Day. (He's England's patron saint, btw.)
pam said…
I love Santa Claus parades.

Your parade looks wonderful, I tried clicking on caveboy, but it wouldn't enlarge:( Cat looks so happy. Glad things are going to slow down a bit for you!
Boston has a St Patrick's day parade, but I've never been to it. My hometown has a X-mas parade every year. I'm not sure if they have any parades where we live now.
Mother Mayhem said…
I miss the belly dancing Shriner. He was always the talk of every parade. Sigh.

(I used to live in Rootstown, Ohio.)
Tracy said…
I'm not much of a parade girl... but growing up there weren't many parades around. Especially since my mom and I lived in a... uhh... not so great neighborhood.

And now... well now, I can't even stand to watch the Macy's turkey day parade or the Rose Parade - which happens seriously like 30-45 minutes away from my city!
Jenni Jiggety said…
I like to watch parades on TV!

That looks like it was a fun one!
babyrocasmama said…
Darth Vader is Black Irish, didn't you know? LOL

And we have a little something out here called the DooDah parade....Drag Queens, Dikes on Bikes, all kinds of is in West Hollywood, after all!

The only parade I ever saw in person was one up in LA somewhere because my brother was in the Young Marines (don't ask...). I remember getting up at o'dark thirty to get to the parade spot and asking for food because I had no breakfast (I was 5 or 6 at the time).

That's all. LOL
Christy said…
Hi there! I'm sorry I didn't reply to you on my blog. I love that you commented on there and have been reading yours for awhile. I just have been so crazy and haven't been able to post on anyone else's. What a cute blog you have. And cute cute kiddies too! happy blogging!
Cygnus MacLlyr said…
And i had no idea Darth did a Dune episode... (the banner reads for the Wormed Ones...)

A Psych Mommy said…
I think my dream job would have been Cindrella in the Disney parade. Oh, and Pluto had a great gig too. Now that I'm a tad bit older and wiser, I think that the Disney parade is a PITA since I hate staking out spots and someone taller than me inevitably stands in front of me. I have a feeling that we won't be able to escape it in the near future though
Debbie said…
I love parades. Especially small town ones!
kathy said…
that was an odd parade considering the theme - love the fact that you had great weather for this - congrats
Parades are kids love them! And it seems that there's always a parade going on around here!
Kristen Andrews said…
how fun, parades are fun as long as they aren't too long.
Christy said…
How fun! So, we have to definitely talk about homeschooling. I'd love to hear the curriculum you're using, etc. Send me your email. I would write it here but it's obvious you get WAY more comments on your blog than I do on mine for anyone to see your email address. :)
Nerdy Jess said…
I love the midwest! We've been having parades since Snake Saturday for St Patty's Day! Come visit, we love em round these parts ;)

Oh and they usually have fresh lemonade, funnel cake, and are a blast. Ah, I love parades.
LORI said…
Raven said…
You got to ride with Ronald McDonald??
I'm so jealous! :)

Sorry I've not been in touch...been a bit under the weather. ...Can't wait to hear more about the give-a-ways!

Kat said…
It isn't a parade to me unless there are beauty queens and tons of floats with high school kids tossing candy for the youngsters on the sidelines.

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