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It's Crack-a-lackin' Monday!

Hey, did you know that there is a segment of the population that believes people have yard sales because they are generous souls who want to give away their things and not actually collect the cash for them? Silly of me, really, to ask for a monetary exchange…you know…here’s the thingy-ma-bob in exchange for the price listed on the thingy-ma-bob. Whatever was I thinking?

I expected to haggle…I knew there would be a language barrier with some of my customers…I knew going in that I would end up cranky and sunburned. But seriously, people, the word sale doesn’t mean free! Overall, it was a success and there were actually no thefts to report this time. Hooray!

My favorite customer from the entire weekend was an 85 yr old lady dressed in her Sunday’s best (floral shirt, cardigan and slacks). She purchased my Dad’s old beat-up cowboy boots, put them on and announced she was wearing them for the rest of the day with her Sunday’s best attire. She is a rock star! I want to be like her when I am 85!

We had lots of wackiness over our weekend…Allow me to share….

Chilly and I completely embarrassed Tween Caveboy and Miss Kitty in a very busy parking lot by pulling a Mary Katherine Gallagher “Superstar!” move together. We love to cause our children public humiliation whenever possible. It’s our duty as parents.


My mom returned from her doctor’s visit on Friday with some interesting show and tell items. She had some funky skull and crossbones band-aids covering her fibromyalgia injection sites (aka her…ahem…”hips”.) My personal favorites were the bright yellow “Crime Scene: Do Not Enter” band-aids. My mother’s doctor has a very warped sense of humor….I like that!

I drove my family completely insane on Sunday singing the “Moto Moto” song from the Madagascar 2 movie. It was crack-a-lackin’ crazy! I said the word “crack-a-lackin” every 30 seconds on Sunday. I’ll probably continue the madness today. (Here’s the song so you can drive your family crazy too…check it out…it’s only one minute long, but will bring years of trauma to your family…totally worth it….)

"I like 'em big....I like 'em chunky....I like 'em big...I like 'em plumpy...I like 'em round...with something-something..."

In honor of Tuesday’s Tribute tomorrow, I will be sharing the HUGE list of items for my MONSTER giveaway with you. My tribute is to all of you for your amazing kindness and very generous support of my blog!


Cammie said…
I cannot WAIT to embarrass my kids someday!
momof3girls said…
I love garage sales & yes, I mark my prices low and I don't mind to haggle but I am like you - you can pay 10 cents if I am giving it away free (which I usually do with stuffed animals it will be marked free!)

When I am 80 I don't want to be wearing cowboy boots I want to be a tap dancing granny!
Me said…
We are still in the stages where my kids embarrass me..I can't wait til the tables are turned!

Good to hear that your yard sale went well! I'm excited to hear about your giveaway. Do you accept bribes?
Kristina P. said…
I really do need to start saying Crack-a-lackin' a lot more often.
Beverly said…
I want to be a belly dancing 80-year-old! Like the lady I met in Walmart--she was buying pretty bras to belly dance in!! And showed me some moves right there in the store.
mommaof4wife2r said…
for the record...i'm gonna be the old lady in the cowboy boots...i hope.
Just more are my kind of people!!!
blognut said…
I love to embarrass my kids. I take this obligation very seriously.

I do need to beg you not to put songs in my head on a Monday morning, like, EVER AGAIN.

jill said…
embarrassing the kids is on page 4 of the parenting manual....really..that's what i've always told them when they complain. =D

i'm refusing to click on that link, cuz i don't need anything else stuck in my head.
Claire said…
Oh, we all loved Madagascar 2! Such a funny movie. I have yet to embarrass Laura-at age 4, she is usually the one embarrassing me :)

I can't wait to hear about all of your giveaway loot! ;p
pam said…
I am glad your sale went well. And no thefts...I can't believe you even wrote that!!

You crack me up, glad to see you are back and I am sure you have lots of tricks up your sleeve for the upcoming week.

Jazzy Jemz said…
I am glad your yard sale had no thefts and some profit.

SUPERSTAR!!!!!!! LMAO- can't wait til DD is old enough to embarass.
The Blonde Duck said…
What do you mean this time? Who stole something before?

I need those band-aids. They would be hilarious.
I love the song. thanks. I'll be sing'n that one all day long. Can't wait to drive the hubby crazy.

Yard sale nuts...gotta love em. Do you have people show up a good hour before the scheduled time. Ooo, got to get the good stuff before it's gone.
Kelly said…
I had a yard sale once that went weird at the end. The vultures swarmed in and took control when I was just trying to close up shop. I let choice items go for way too little just because I didn't want to hall it all back inside. The strange part is I think they knew my dilemma and took advantage of me. I still recall that hand made baby quilt made by my husband's aunt that I never should have parted with. Sigh!
Tracy said…
I am DYING at that song!!! Saved into my favs! hahahaaa!!!

Glad your "sale" went well... I can't stand garage sales for that VERY reason!
I love that song!! haha I hum it at work all the time!
StampinMom said…
Ha, you crack me up girlfriend! Embarrassing the kiddos is always crack-a-lackin' fun ;-) Those band aids are funny too, great sense of humor the doc has.

Jamie :-)
The Dotterel said…
They're called car-boot sales over here - that is, as in 'trunk'. Oh, and sometimes, if there's not a car involved they might be called a 'garage' sale: not of a garage (where we keep cars) but from one. Oh dear... and I was trying to be helpful.
devri said…
Oh have I told you how much I love you lately!
A Psych Mommy said…
Love those band aids! Can't wait til tomorrow with all those hints and leads you've been sending us!
jenjen said…
I hope your garage sale went well. That lady sounds so funny!

Alexis AKA MOM said…
This is why I sale everything on Cragslist. I've done too many garage sales where a "Load" of people come in and devour the sale grabbing everything and then they say 25 cents! Really, you think those brand new in the box pair of sketches (that were super cute and pink, who cares if they are 1 size too small) I'm going to give you for 25 cents! Oh you meant the whole lot of stuff in your hands for 25 cents. WTH??? Yup craigslist baby, let people bid over it. I get a bunch of replies and if the first person is a dud I move on to the next :)
kathy said…
OMGoodness! The Superstar?! LOL! Too funny! I wish I could have seen two ladies in a mall parking lot doing that - I would have loved it.

Love the 85 year old walking off in to the sunset in her new boots
Anonymous said…
I remember people holding things up to me at my last garage sale and in stilted English saying something like, "my pleasure?"
Grand Pooba said…
Oh I love garage sales! You always get at least one of "those" people!
Brenda said…
It truly is a parental duty to embarrass our kids - the fact that it is so much fun is just an added bonus!
Cygnus MacLlyr said…
I wanna be like the yardsale Lady, the granny, AND the Doctor, ESPECIALLY when I'm 85!!!
Hey there! Be sure to stop by before 9PM PST tonight to enter my current giveaway for a free Timid Monster. If you've already entered this giveaway, come back tomorrow to enter my next one! :)
I love sassy older cowboy boots. :D

Fun song. I need to listen to it again... Your kids might have been embarrassed, but I bet they think you are pretty cool. :D
Deb said…
oh my lord, girl, this is one site where i am always guaranteed a laugh!!

yard sales... do not EVEN get me started!

and yes, it is a parent's mission in life to try to humiliate their kids as often as possible.
Ashley said…
Hilarious :)
BTW - that's one of my favorite movies and I 'superstar!' all.the.time!
Kristen Andrews said…
I did one garage sale and that will be the last, I would rather give my goods to someone that haggle w/ people that want to give me 5cents for something worth $50
3 Bay B Chicks said…
Great post! I nearly died laughing.

Did you notice that something has been missing from your blog? It might have appeared around the time I stopped commenting? I’m sorry about all that. I took a little hiatus from the blogosphere, but I couldn’t stay away too long. After a break, I had to come by again and see what you’ve been up to.

Glad that I did.


PS: Thanks for the birthday love!
mama's smitten said…
Love The Band Aids!
Badass Geek said…
I want some of those band aids, despite the fact that I don't have any cuts.

I think I'd be more careless just so I could use one.
Mother Mayhem said…
Hm. Need me some of those boots...
Jenners said…
Gotta get me some of those band aids!

And that song is sooooooo funny! I think it is my favorite part of the movie!

And you gotta love the old lady and the cowboy boots ... at least you know they went to a good home!
Michelle-y said…
LOVE the song.

{totally stuck in my head now!!!}

I refuse to ever have another garage sale for the shear fact that the one (and only) one I ever had we posted 50 billion signs saying it started at 7a and when we woke BEFORE the sun at 4:30a to put everything out, we were bombarded by evil "bargain hunters" (aka freeloaders) who tried to take advantage of our sleep deprivedness and get all the "good stuff" for next to nothing. That was 7hrs. of my life that I will never get back. Boo on garage sales. Glad you made out though :)
SO said…
Oh thank you for that wonderful video and song. I love it.

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