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Say Hello To My Little Friend (Say that like Al Pacino)

Picture yourself driving through the beautiful desert southwest at sunrise....oh, looky...there's a sign says "Beware! Rambling Blogger Ahead! Continue at Your Own Risk!"

As many of you know, I live in the desert. Not the sand dune, camel habitat kind of desert, but the southwestern desert of the good old USA. Judging from the amount of email I received about those pig-like demons crazy javelinas around my house, it occured to me that many of you may not be familiar with some of the freakin' scary critters beautiful desert creatures that visit our home on occasion. (yeah, look at my coolness...I learned the "scratch" html...I can't guarantee I won't be horribly annoying with it...continue to read at your own peril...)

"Say Hello to My Little Friend(s)" (It really gives it that extra "umpf" when you use your Al Pacino Scarface voice...)

The Gila Monster

Cute, huh? This little devil's jaws are filled with poison. He clamps on to you and starts rotating his teeth into you and well, that just plain sucks for you! The fire dept. usually has to cut the head off this guy to unlock the death grip on you. We had a visit from one of these a few years back. I can honestly say that I hope he didn't like it here.

The Rattlesnake

This is my nightmare. We have to watch for these everywhere...under our cars, laying on our porches, everywhere... {{shudder}} I am happy to report while I know they are slithering around my 4 acres somewhere, I haven't seen one here yet. Bullsnakes...those are my friends...they eat rattlesnakes...Happily, I have seen a couple of those:)

The Bobcat

This was taken in my let me get a little closer for you...

How adorable?! Look how cuddly he is! NOT! He will jump your fence and eat your children! They actually attack people on golf courses around here! Bad Kitty!

The Scorpion

Sting, ouch...trip to ER...get very sick...'nuff said....(I found one of these hanging out in my kitchen over the holidays...didn't he get the memo that we have a strict no scorpions allowed policy around here?)

We have other "friends" that visit like the majestic hawks, the sweet little hummingbirds, the singing coyotes, sun bathing lizards...they are very welcome here. The nasty gang up top and the javelinas...nah...not so much... (You do have to watch out for the vultures, the big ugly birds with the big red heads. They carry snakes through the air...yikes!)

Now that I have shared with you the pleasures of living in harmony with the desert creatures, wanna come see me?

p.s. Maybe later I'll regale you with tales about cactus and our hell on earth very hot summers!

p.s.s. Don't forget to head out in your wagons today for the wagie parade!!!!!

p.s.s.s. As you can clearly see from my rambling the last few days, I have been afflicted with what many bloggers have been talking about this past week...the dreaded "I got nothin' " blog disease. I am struggling to defeat this horrible affliction...hopefully, I will heal from it over the weekend...all healing prayers are welcome....


Ronda's Rants said…
Such a pretty blog...vermin not so pretty! I have been to Palm Springs and Las only deserts!
Thanks for the info and cool pictures!
Wow.. I am from South Texas and we lived with coyotes, scorpions, rattle snakes.. other snakes and other little creatures. I do not miss living in Mexico.. i mean.. south texas
blognut said…
Oooh! I think you just convinced me not to come visit you at home. We'll have to stay bloggy friends.
Tracy said…
Hey Dawn,
This was a great idea. I loved the pictures! I moved from LI to Tampa 15 years ago, so I never had so much to do with critters til I got down here. Who would have guessed that I'd become so blase about gators? You've got us beat over there for sure! LOL
Me said…
There is NO WAY I would be able to live with all those creatures. I shudder at the sight of my neighbors dog..let alone all those poisonous creatures! You are a stronger woman than I !
Erin said…
Wow, I think I'm glad I don't live where you live. I moved to southern Utah six months ago, and I started hearing horror stories of how there are tarantulas here. I am about ready to move because the thought terrifies me so much!
Kim said…
And THAT? Is why I live in Alaska.
pam said…
Okay, after our chat last night I was thinking I was going to load up the van (with our tent) and our children and head south. Say towards your four, I think I may need something other than a tent.
The Smiths said…
My crew would think that you must live in the best zoo ever with all the wonderful, amazing things to see.
blueviolet said…
That is why I live where it's cold. I can't stand critters. Everyone has critters that crawl outside but we get a break in the winter time. However, that is kinda cool, kinda creepy, but kinda yours.
Ohhhhhhhh, I'm so glad I live where it gets cold, even though it hasn't been as cold as it should have been this winter... That lizard thingy looked kinda cool - until you told us what it is and what it does...UGH! Um, thanks, but I think I'll stay where I'm at... ;)

And love your rambling - very entertaining (and in this case, very educational! LOL!)
Kelly said…
Eeek! (said like a little girl running frantically away!!) I'll take Gators, cockroaches, lizards, and black racers any day over those!!!!
Nerdy Jess said…

There should have been a warning on this post that said ''this will make you run away screaming like a girl"
Kirsty said…
Eeeew! We get Eastern Brown snakes (YUCK)Cane toads (gross, but not deadly) and Red back Spiders in our bad kitties though;-)
LORI said…


Tracy said…
And this, my friend, is why I live in Sunny Southern California! No icky scary creatures. Well I mean there is... the transients walking the blvd! But you know... We dont have those little buggy things! Ick!
Kathy said…
I can't believe that Leopard picture. I guess it's a leopard. Is it a leopard? Was that really taken from your backyard? yikes...

p.s. there are a couple of houses for sale in my neighborhood. The worst I've seen is raccoons...nothing poisonuous or leopard-like. My next-door neighbors poodle though is pretty creepy (not kidding)

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