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Now I Know I'm Old + Best Weight Loss Motivator Ever!

First off, how many of you saw these guys yesterday?


That's right, baby! We got us some Sleestaks! As I wandered through my family room past the cavemen grunting and pointing at the bigger cavemen tossing around a pigskin on TV, I decided to take a load off and sit for a minute. Imagine my PURE delight when I saw the commercial for the re-make of "The Land of the Lost" starring Will Ferrell!! The cavemen on the couch couldn't understand my excitement...duh, Dawn, they're cavemen...but I jumped up and began blabbering all over about Sleestaks, Will, Holly and their little freaky caveman friend, Cha-ka (who reminded me alot of the smaller caveman on the couch..).


That sent me down memory lane reflecting on all the great Sid & Marty Krofft creations that I would spend every Saturday in the 70's watching on our TV. Do you remember any of these??? (Now, if you are a young whippersnapper, you will now completely understand the title of my will be thinking, "gosh, these are super oldies! I've never even heard of this stuff! She's mental!") Stay on board, friends! You will soon see that your kiddos are heading down the same trail!!!

Here are a few flashes from 70's Saturdays with the Krofft brothers...







Can you name any of these fabulous characters or the shows they starred in??? (I will give the answers in tomorrow's post.) No, they are not as CGI cool as today's cartoon buddies. Yes, the dialogue is super cheesy. But my heart flutters everytime I see these old friends from the 70's. Let's just say that my Saturdays rocked with these cool cats, the Bay City Rollers and playing outside for hours and hours because there were no sicko perverts on the loose. What are some of your favorite flash from the past memories?

These days kids don't have the pleasure of the Saturday cartoon. These lucky devils have cartoons at their disposal 24/7! Remember how I mentioned above that your little lovies are heading down the same path? Here's proof...


Hmmm..these look very 70's to me.....

Now...on to part 2 of my post...I was reminded yesterday of a great weight loss motivator shared with me by my lovely 6 yr old daughter. She so lovingly reminded me of this "happy" memory while we were icing cupcakes. Here's the story...Over the summer, my sister & nephew came for a month long visit. We decided while she was here to jump in and start a commited diet and exercise program together. We were doing a walking dvd one morning when Catherine meandered in. What she said next made me lose 30 lbs (no joke!) in a couple of months...Here it is... are you ready???

"I smell fatness in here..." WHAT?!!

Yep! She smelled fatness, all right! Because after that, I burned off fatness faster than you could say "fat chick"! That little stinker! Leave it to her to speak her mind and make me lose weight! So there you have it...whenever you are feeling like you just can't get those few last pounds off, just think of the smell of fatness. I guarantee they will be gone quick!

As usual...I have rambled on and on....thanks for hanging with me...again!

p.s. My daugher just asked me to read this post to her...she was horrified that I was subjected to such horrible Saturday morning entertainment...When I read the part about her "fatness" comment, she narrowed her eyes and said, "I still smell fatness..." LOLOLOL!!!!! Guess I better get to exercising!


Cammie said…
until you got to Yo Gabba Gabba I had no clue what I was looking at!!!
Debbie said…
I was so excited about that preview too! And now I will be singing that darn HR Puffenstuff theme song all day! Hello Witchypoo:)
Me said…
I have to admit that I don't recognize any of these classics! I will have to take your word for who you say they are!

Do you think you could send your honest little Fairy to my house? I could use a good motivator!
Jillene said…
The only shows I remember from my childhood are Captain Kangaroo, Romper Room, Mr. Rogers and Sesame Street.

I love your motivator!!
Kristina P. said…
I remember mostly cartoons, like The Smurfs, Care Bears, etc.
Lana said…
I was born in the 70's, but I guess a little on the later side ('78)... Never heard of those shows except for Isis. And that's only because another fellow blogger posted about that show about a month ago!
pam said…
I too am out of it, I didn't recognize those cartoons. But I got it when you got to Yo Gabba Gabba!! That show actually makes me laugh, I love DJ Lance Rock.

Congratulations on losing 30 pounds. Have a happy Monday

Love you!
Thats so funny. It reminds me of Tommy Boy when Chris Farley is eating in David Spade's car. And Chris is just eating ketchup packets then putting fries in his mouth and David Spade says, "Ugh I can just Hear you getting fatter."

Haha I love it.
Aunt OOOOOOO said…
Sh*t! I guess "WE" really ARE that old. We were so excited when we saw LAND OF THE LOST during Super Bowl!!!! My hubby and I can't wait to see it. And yes, God bless Miss Kitty. Another reason I'm happy to be 2000 miles away-she can't smell MY FATNESS! LOLOLOLOLO!!! OH! AND TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTION, IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE ARE The Land of the Lost, HR Pufnstuf, Witchie Poo, Sigmon Seamonster, Electra Woman and Dinah Girl, Mighty Isis and the Bugaloos! How did I do?
Tracy said…
Oye... no I had no clue what any of those shows were... I'm a product of the 80's and have my fair share of diddy's I enjoyed back in the day!

(((heavy sigh))) TV just aint what it used to be...

PS - Dont be bringing that fatness smelling fairy over to my neck of the woods! hahahahaaa!!!
Erin said…
All of those pictures are so colorful! I don't know many of them, sorry! (I'm 32 - that's not ultra-young!)

The thought of smelling fatness just depresses me. I think I'll go eat another brownie.
Jen Sue Wild said…
I guess I was deprived growing up because I never saw any of those shows. LOL
LORI said…
Jenni Jiggety said…
I never watched Land of the Lost! My husband was shocked that I had no idea what it was!
Kristen Andrews said…
everywhere u turn is seems like we are being reminded of our youth, leggings, boyfriend jeans what is next, no big hair I hope!
The Boob Nazi said…
The Land of the Lost commercial blew my mind. WTF?
Michele said…
I adore this post.I remember all of these! I loved Sigmund the Seamonster. The Best!!
Anonymous said…
Aw crap. It might as well be my birthday too. I lived through that era, that ridiculous era.
Brenda Jean said…
I loved the Bay City Rollers. They were awesome! I had forgotten all about Land of the Lost, and you took me back-- LOL That will be a fun movie to see!

Well, I'm thinking my kids must "smell fatness" here too. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA I need to start exercising again:)
Melissa said…
"whatcha talking about Willis?"

I'm sitting on the clueless couch with a bag of popcorn.....
Deb said…
omg... we must be the same age.

okay, i saw the commercial too. i can NOT wait!!!! land of the lost was so awesome and the only thing that could make it better is will ferrell.
Dawn said…
Okay, I'm going to take a stab at them. The last one is The Bugaloos. HR Pufnstuf, Electra Woman and Dyna Girl, and I can't think of the other two!! Drats!

I loved 70's TV!!! Do you happen to remember a short run of the show Dr. Shrinker? It was a group of teens that go shrunk by this crazy scientist??!? I loved that show. I also loved The Wonder Bug.

I'm excited about the remake of Land of the Lost. I loved that as well.

Thanks for the walk down memory lane! And, thanks for becoming a follower on my blog! :) We Dawn's must stick together. I'd venture a guess that you were born in the late 60's?? I was born in 68. I've met other Dawns that were born in that same year. LOL!
Dawn said…
Oh, I just saw that you are 43~ I knew you had to be born in the late 60's! :)
Karies place said…
Hi, I hope you don't mind me jumping in here, but having seen those photos of those shows I used to watch. Oh my gosh! Those were GOOD shows compared to most stuff today. lol

Claire said…
That is hysterical about smelling the fatness!!! Laura poked my stomach two days ago and told me it was fat (it is!) but she got in trouble nonetheless. It's even worse since I took up running 4 months ago and thought I was actually making some progress, but I guess not!
blognut said…
Can't wait for the sleestaks!
blogismycopilot said…
The only one I recognize is HR PuffnStuff...which I wasn't allowed to watch for somereason...perhaps it had somethign to do with the stuff he was puffing? Don't know..those must all come from that strange period of time when mom and dad put the TV in the attic and only brought it down when somebody was home sick for more than one day.
Marie Reed said…
You lost 30 pounds like that! Holy Moly! I'm trying to lose weight.. It is so darn hard. I hide my snickers addiction from Francois because I'm supposed to be on a diet. I have a stash of them behind the books on my bookshelf:)
Reinvent Dad said…
I remember all those shows and I had no idea that Deidre Hall was Electowoman! How trippy.
babyrocasmama said…
I remember ALL that stuff...cuz my butt is old fluff and about to be another year older...Did you know that the kid who played Chaka in Land of the Lost is the guitarist for Sugar Ray? I have TONS of useless bits of info in this vast, dark thing I call a brain!

And the characters are:

1) HR Puffinstuff

2) Witchypoo

3) Sigmund and the Sea Monster (the red headed kid was in Tom Sawyer and was on that show with the English butler with the beard, I think...)

4) Electra Woman and Dyna Girl (Deidre Hall is now on Days of Our Lives)

5) Isis (I think)

6) The Bugaboos

Rowan watches YO! Gabba Gabba too! She loves it. And did you know that the guy who created it is from a Ska band (I can't remember the name right now) and wanted to make a show for his kids like the cool Sid and Marty Croft stuff he grew up watching?

Oh and you forgot the show where the dune buggy turns all super duper and flies around...

Oh LAWD! I truly am a plethora of useless information...Now I have the School House Rocks songs in my head!

Oh, hey, in a further attempt to prove how Trivial Pursuit my brain is (if they had a version for useless info, that is...) What was the name of Rick Springfield's Saturday Morning cartoon show in the early 70's? Extra points if you know it without Googling it!

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