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Happy Valentine's Day!

For My Beloved Valentines!

I have music from Love Actually playing today!
Turn up the volume!

Tween Caveboy
(I'm forbidden by the Caveboy to use a recent photo)

(Goth conversation hearts!)

Miss Kitty

My Awesome Nephew, Alec

(Aunt Minnie loves you & misses you so much!)

For Chilly...A Gift for You...

For my Vampire Valentine

Creepy Valentines

(Is this the Valentine you give before taking your sweetie to a steak dinner?
"I'll Veal so happy if you'll be My Valentine???)

( hearts burn for you??)

(Look closely...Cupid has a lasso! Yikes!)

Wishing you all a most Happy Valentine's Day!

With Love!

p.s. Here's the linky to Make Your Own Candy Hearts!

(I can't remember where I found the goth convo hearts...just google for that!)

p.s.s. If you missed yesterday's post, scroll down for some more Valentine joy! Stupid Dancing Cupid is a riot! (and if you scroll down further, there are a few fun gift ideas in the Cupid's Tea Party Post! Go on, start scrolling! You'll find the playlist at the bottom of the page...just a few memorable tunes from my favorite movie, "Love Actually"! Enjoy your day!


Claire said…
Very cute candy hearts! I bet they would taste extra-yummy!
blognut said…
Very cute post! Have a great Valentine's Day!
Brenda Jean said…
You, my fairy friend, are the Queen of Valentine's Day!!!! I'm off to make some hearts.
Noah's Mommy said…
super adorable...and the grilling of the hearts...yeah not so much....have a great Valentines have some wonderful many times can you say more...Valentines...okay i'm
Kathy said…
Okay I keep getting errors when I try to post on your page, but if this one goes through - Happy Valentines Day Dawn! I love ya, my bloggy friend :)
Anonymous said…
Such a wonderful collection of Valentine's. Happy Valentine's Day! However, I still refuse to listen to your music. ;)
mama's smitten said…
Love It! Have a Happy V-day!
Dapoppins said…
I never would have noticed all that hilarity unless you had pointed it out!
pam said…
I love those old (vintage) Valentines.

Happy Valentine's Day, my sweet friend.

Love you!
Me said…
Happy Valentines Day Ms. Bee!
Hi. Cute blog. Happy Valentine's day.
Mrs. Schmitty said…
Happy Valentine's Day to you too!
Thanks for the well wishes about my wisdom teeth surgery yesterday. Everything went well, and I am now enjoying unlimited ice cream guilt and shame free! Happy V-Day!
Seeker said…
you must be a valentine seem to have them all...
happy valentines day to you
Beverly said…
And a happy Valentine's Day from one queen bee to another!
Jen said…
Happy Valentine's day to you too. And those some creepy cupids, below.
Sabrae Carter said…
Hope you had a great V-day!!!
Raven said…
Happy Valentine's Day to you!

Anonymous said…
Happy Valentine's Day!
Jenni Jiggety said…
I still have not seen that movie! One of these days...

Happy Valentine's Day!
LORI said…
::Jan:: said…
Okay, the dancing cupid looks way to much like my husband when he wears my slip :) Joking.

Great cards and thoughts around today. Love the hearts.
Debbie said…
Hope you had a great Valentine's Day. Those old Valentine's are creepy:)

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