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When I Grow Up...

Yesterday, while out running errands, my mind was once again wandering aimlessly searching for something interesting to think about. While looking at the scrapbooking items at Michaels, I started thinking about how Cat told me she wanted to be an ice cream truck driver when she grew up. (which of course, prompted me to design an entire scrapbooking idea around that..) Anyhoo, I began remembering all the "when I grow up" ideas my kids have had over the years, and took a lovely jaunt down memory lane. For instance, Connor assured me when he was 5, he would always give me a discount (what about free, dude?) on my purchases at McDonalds when he became the manager of one. Shortly after that, he decided he was going to run MI6 for James Bond (see Blue Suit post for details) or be Black Ops with the military. Everytime we would pass the power plant in Tucson, he would shout out, "Get down, the tan army base is under attack!" This was one career I was pretty sure he would handle with enormous success. Here's why...

One sunny afternoon, my beautiful child decided to misbehave in some manner. (I don't recall the details now...see how awful he was? hee hee hee) I gave him his first official time out. Now, this was a big deal because Connor was a pretty easy going kid. Never had an issue prior to this one. So, I said, "you're going in a time out, mister." He replied very calmly, "That sounds like fun." "Oh, it's no fun, let me assure you," I said this in my stern mommy voice. I led him to the chair. He climbed up and smiled at me. "Five minutes, buster!" I turned to walk away. "That's easy, Mom" he said. HUH???? I turned around trying to hide the smile creeping around the corners of my mouth. "How about 10 minutes, then." I said with confidence. "Fine. I've got all day." He started swinging his feet and humming. "Reeeaaaalllly" I smile. "Then let's go to 15 minutes." He looked at me and laughed. "How about 30 minutes?" "Fine," I say sensing the standoff getting more tense. "30 minutes, it is." He sat there for the entire 30 minutes, a smile plastered across his face and an occasional giggle. When his time was up, he hopped off the chair, hugged me and said, "let's do that again, sometime!" I knew right then the kid would make a perfect secret agent. Nobody could break him for information. That was his first and only time out. He never needed another one. (like I said, he's a very good kid!)

Over the years, his career choices have ranged from CEO of his own company, plane designer, rock star to his current interest as a video game designer. He has lots of talent with design and I can see that coming about for him. I am very proud to say that Connor is very willing to earn his money and doesn't ask for handouts. Catherine's interests tend toward princess, teacher and my very, very favorite...mother. She told me recently that when she grows up she wants to be a mother just like me. (sniffle, sniffle...plop plop..those would be my happy tears) Irish dancer has been added also, and I honestly believe she may actually do that! She is a very talented Irish stepdancer.

I know I wanted to be a teacher, a journalist and a mom. How lucky am I that I am finally living my dreams?! It may not have come about exactly as I planned, but God always has a bigger plan for us.

Back for a moment to Michaels...As I was perusing the craft items for my "when you grow up" idea, a young mom was explaining to her very young son that it wasn't nice to threaten her life inside of Michaels. She did this in a very sing song, sweet voice. "Eli, it's not nice to tell Mommy you are going to kill her." Yes, that is a direct quote. How disturbing is that? I shuddered to think what he wants to be when he grows up! I quickly headed to the other side of the store. I didn't want to be taken down by some crazy 3 year old with serial killer tendencies. And besides, how do you scrapbook that memory?!!?


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