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Warm Fuzzy Friday

I know, I know...I am late getting my blog up! The phone calls, the sheriff's posse at my door aren't gonna make me do it any faster, family members! I've got kids to raise and educate!!!

Now, as the Mayor of this little piece of blog heaven, I proclaim today to be Warm Fuzzy Friday! I know most of you out there are freezing off your little tushies off across blogland. I, however, am in the desert and am getting some nice warm sun. I am sending it out across the land to all of you to help you feel a bit more toasty...there...did ya get some? Ah...that feels good, huh?

Back to my WFF proclamation...What, may you ask, prompted such warm fuzzy feelings in me today? Glad you asked! That would be my Poptart & Baloney Sandwich blog from yesterday! I received lots of love for that bloggy and it made me think alot about Gigi. Then I started missing her and then I had to go look at pictures of her and then I had to cry a bunch cause I missed her. I even thought (and I stress the word thought) about trying a Poptart /bologna sandwich in her honor. Then I snapped out of it and went "Ah Ha!" A Warm Fuzzy in her honor would be lovely (and wouldn't make me puke...)

These are the reasons my Gigi gives me the warm fuzzies...

***She's pretty***

***She likes to shake her booty***

Photobucket Photobucket

***She loves babies (she was a baby nurse!)***

Top: Gigi & Ooooo (my sister) Middle: Gigi & me


Gigi & Miss Kitty

***She makes cool stuff like blankies, snowflakes and awesome noodles (that are probably illegal in many states..)

Photobucket Photobucket

***She likes to play, get her groove on and dress up in costumes***

Photobucket Photobucket

Is this lady cool or what???? ****WARM FUZZIES****

***She loves to giggle...(and she giggles at the weirdest when I stayed over and fell asleep in her bed...I woke up cause she was giggling..."what's so funny?" I mumbled. "I lost my teeth in the bed"...more giggling...I shot out of bed and yep, found 'em...attached to my leg!!!***

***If you ask her nicely, she'll wear all kinds of hats***
Photobucket Photobucket

***She's a true Princess in my book***

Photobucket are 90 years of awesome!

I love you!

See??? Warm Fuzzies all around!

Go find someone to hug...go on....right now...big hug...a nice big bear hug...warm fuzzy guaranteed....

P.S. Check out the cool snowman picture I added to my Moon Sand & Marshmallows's down at the bottom...lots of scrolling involved, but that guy is cool....literally....he would have to be...he's made of snow....


Anonymous said…
Hello from BSU!
What a great post! Your Gigi sounds like an amazing woman!
Julie said…
Thanks for the "warm fuzzy"... I needed that today!

Julie (Northern California) - I finally got around to enabling my Google acct so I could leave comments on blogs!!!!

Have a great weekend!
Jillene said…
She is ADORABLE!! And if you look at the first picture and then the picture of you--you look a lot like her!!
Bee and Rose said…
Jillene, you are the sweetest! She's my lobster...

Thanks for visiting me today!

Anonymous said…
You're grandma rocks!!! I always wanted to have a cool Grandma like that but it wasn't my fortune. But, when my Mom was alive she was awesome with my kids and my sister's kids. I wish she had been around longer because I think she would be just like your Gigi.
Cammie said…
Hi! Thanks for popping by! Adding you to my reader as well....I love me the Pumpkin Show! We live about 40 minutes away from circleville! Love the very precious!
The Blonde Duck said…
My goal is to be like Gigi when I'm 90.

I love Warm Fuzzy Friday!
Bee and Rose said…
Hi Duckie!
It's official..I will make every Friday a Warm Fuzzy Friday!
Nerdy Jess said…

Thanks for stop bye; I love new readers! *shakes bootay*

Your blog is ah-mazing and I l.o.v.e LOVE that the theme song for love actually plays when I came by :)

pam said…
Happy 90th birthday, what an amazing milestone.

She looks wonderful!!

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