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Twilight Tendencies....(or my secret vice)

Gee, would you look at the's 5:00 am...big surprise...

This morning I was tossing and turning at (you guessed it!) 4:30 am, determined to stay in bed. But like some wild stallion that cannot be contained, my mind was ready for the rodeo so I jumped out of bed with the speed of a rocket and blasted off into the main living area of our home. I thought maybe this morning I would read a good book, get all relaxed and be able to drift away back to the Land of Nod for my dreamy walk on the beach with Liam Neeson. But, could I find a good book (or any book in this house I haven't read?) Nope, no such luck...(yes, my dear sister...that is a big hint to you that I will be needing the box of Vampire Chick Lit you promised...expect a call later to work out those details...) Oops...I may have just let the bat out of the coffin so to speak...I can already hear some of your brains wrapping around the weirdness of me reading Vampire love stories. Ok, ok, you caught me....

It all started last year at the library. There was this handsome man with sunglasses hiding in the dark recesses of the fiction area. He was a hottie...I mean, elegant, debonair and I felt this weird vibe that he wanted to bite me. NOT! Hee hee hee...Actually, I was waiting for my kids to choose their books when the library lady plopped down a stack of books to put away. On top of the stack was "UnDead and UnWed" by MaryJanice Davidson. The cover looked cute. (I am a big believer in judging a book by it's cover.) I grabbed it (and the kids) and off we went. I started reading it that afternoon and was hooked on the story of Betsy Taylor from that moment on. I read all the UnDead books over the summer and then came....Twilight.....

By now, you've all heard of "Twilight" and the love between Edward & Bella. I was mush from the moment I began it. I read "New Moon" & "Eclipse" and need to finish with book 4 (Breaking Dawn). (Uh-hmmm...little know what that means....) Just recently, my sweet little sister got me hooked on the Sookie Stackhouse series which is now on HBO as True Blood. So there you have it...I am a "sucker" for vampire chick lit (literature). (and dear husband, don't sit there and judge know you love the old re-runs of "The Kindred.")

While we are on the subject of vampires, I have noticed that my daughter does have some very vampiric tendencies.....hmmm...For instance, vampires are very beautiful creatures that like to dress elegantly and can sneak up on you very quietly. (that does sound like her...) They also like to use Jedi mind tricks to convince you to do their bidding...(see how creepy this is getting?????) They have superhuman strength (oh no...there was that time when Cat lifted up the end of her toddler bed to help me carry it...and she does like to lift my weights....uh...oh.....) She also fries up like a lobster if she's near sunlight....yikes! I guess I should have paid closer attention when at age 3 she would run around the house saying, "I suck your blood! I suck your blood!" I better warn Connor....

Well, now you know my deep dark secret...I'm off to fashion a necklace out of garlic cloves...Cat will be up soon.....

Check out this cute cover! See? You'd want to read it too!
Undead & Unwed Pictures, Images and Photos


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