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Tag! You're It!

My delightful new blogilicious friend, Shalee,over at Sometimes It's Good to Be Speechless, tagged me for a game of photo tag! Whoo Hoo! Here's the scoop...

1. Go to the 4th folder in your photo files on your computer.

2. Find the 4th photo in that folder.

3. Explain the photo.

4. Tag 4 people to do the same.

Here's my 4/4...


This is my lovely mommy when she graduated! Check out those stylin' red heels! Naughty girl! I love my mommy!

Ok..this is where it gets tricky for me! I am a newbie so I am going to hope my new friends checking me out will play along!

Sooo....I tag

*Blond Duck over at A Duck in Her Pond (she knows the cookie stealin' sock bunny)

*Three New Bloggy Friends that check out my blog! Please! Please! Oh, please play tag with me!!!! (That's right, people! I am not above begging for anything!!)

(please leave a nice little note in the comments area to let me know you are playing tag!)

Thanks for hanging with me!

Oh...and go check out Sometimes It's Good to Be Speechless and leave nice comments for her!


OHHHHHHHHHHHHH, your mom's shoes are awesome!!!

M ^..^
Awe thanks :D Your the best
The Blonde Duck said…
Thanks for tagging me!

The cookie stealing bunny has been lurking a lot lately. He might be back tommorow. :)

Your mom doesn't look happy to graduate! :)

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