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Shower Zombies

So, I get up this morning feeling very excited about my day. The kids are still sleeping so this is the perfect time for an energizing shower. I skip to the bathroom, singing a happy song, and enter the temple of cleanliness....or that was the plan...(que up the Jaws theme...)

I begin my cleansing when out of nowhere I am assaulted by a shampoo bottle. It leaped right from the cubby and landed squarely on my foot. Owza! I leaned down to pick it up (only to find it's almost empty) when I am conked on the head by a bottle of body wash (again, almost empty.) Ahhh....I now realize what is happening's a blatant attack of the shower zombies...

Shower zombies, you say? You gotta be kidding...or am I? I bet you have some in your shower too. You know, those bottles that linger on after you have already replaced them with nice, full bottles of luxurious soaps & shampoos? I think they have some weird cloak of invisibility that kicks in when they get down to about a quarter full. You actually drive to a store to purchase new ones, put them in your bathroom, yet mysteriously...the old ones still remain. Apparently, shower zombies hate being held captive. It occured to me after my assault that maybe they were ready to get out of Dodge. Maybe they were trying to leap to freedom. "Get us outta' here", they were trying to tell me (in a not so subtle way.) Well, get them out of there I did. Which then got me to thinking about revisiting old friends.....

(Yes, my mind is like a traveling salesman never know which city it's gonna end up in.....) The first old friend I thought about revisiting was Marla Cilley aka The F.L.Y. Lady (FLY stands for Finally Loving Yourself). She wrote a fantastic book called "Sink Reflections" and it's filled with FANTASTIC cleaning and organizing tips. She taught me all about "15 minutes a day". That is my mantra....just work in one room for 15 minutes and you will be clutter free in no time. By golly, I did it and found that it actually does work! Baby steps, she advises, are the way to clutter freedom. I highly recommend this book and her website Lots of great tips there!

I also thought about revisiting my old friend, Wayne Dyer and reading some of his inspirational books again. That got me thinking about Sarah Ban Breathnach (Simple Abundance)...stay on board...remember my mind is on route to who knows where today..."Simple Abundance" is timeless to me and since it's written in a daily format, this is the perfect time to start with it again. Any old friends you would like to revisit? I would love to hear about them.

Well, off I go to conquer shower zombies in other parts of the house. I am putting on protective eyewear, maybe a helmet this time. I refuse to wake up on the bathroom floor surrounded by shower zombies.

May your day be filled with blessings...(and no shower zombies...)


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