Sunday, January 4, 2009

Prosperity Brunch

Today we are celebrating our First Annual Prosperity Brunch. I came up with this idea a few days ago after stumbling upon my son and husband watching Paula Deen cook up a mean hash brown casserole on her Food Network show. Their eyes were wide with excitement, and you could just see them salivating. Of course, when I walked in, they glared at me and wanted to know why I didn't make that for them...ever...I just gave them a blank stare and turned to leave. I tried to ignore their pleas for a delicious Paula Deen style breakfast, but it was hard. (I just can't handle it when men & boys cry.)

I crept off to the kitchen to see what I could do. They were right. I have been rushing around trying to do too many things and getting absolutely nothing accomplished (especially where a good family breakfast is concerned.) I whipped out my Paula Deen cookbook and lucky for me, her hash brown casserole was in there. I decided it was time to do a special breakfast for them. I love any excuse to create a celebration out of any occasion and voila! I thought "Prosperity Brunch!"

I created a special menu (hash brown casserole ala Paula Deen will be included!) I gathered piggy banks, red envelopes, paper, a jar, calendars and other assorted items to use to declare our prosperity hopes & goals.

We used the piggy banks to set up "banking" for charitable giving, savings, family fun, vacations, etc. (I wanted to get the kids some banks to decorate, but just didn't have the time.) We decided to use our spare change for these.

We filled slips of paper with our goals for our health, wealth & relationships and slipped them into red envelopes for good fortune. (This is a great Feng Shui tip!) We tied a red ribbon around them and put them in our New Years box for next New Year's Eve.

We created a Giving Jar that we filled with names of charities, family and friends. We thought it would be fun to do some Random Acts of Kindness for our loved ones as well as help out in our community. We will choose a name every week.

We set up the new Family Calendar. We talked about all the things we wanted to do this year, people to see, places to visit. We shared fun ideas about how to be kinder to Mother Earth, create savings and make our year meaningful.

If you prefer, you can have a Prosperity Tea Party. Serve up cookies shaped like horseshoes, #7's, lucky stars, Fortune cookies, etc. Decorate in golds, reds, greens or purple for prosperity!

We had such a good time that we decided to launch a weekly Sunday brunch with a new theme each week. (Again, I love any reason to celebrate!) . It will tickle my creative fancy and be a joyful way to spend time with family. (Added more crying men & boys...)

In closing, I'd like to make a's to Sunday Brunch, ya'll! Back to the Family Table can only bring goodness into our lives! (I tried to make that sound like Paula, but no one does "southern" like Paula Deen! She is a true southern belle in my book!)

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