Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Moon Sand and Marshmallows (aka There's No Business Like Snow Business)

Ah...snow...the lovely white winter delight...(I say that because I live in the desert and don't have to drive in it..hee hee..)

It sure is pretty though, and when you haven't lived with snow for a while you tend to get a bit nostalgic about it. I used to live it in not so long ago and actually grew up in it....see? I have proof!

(Check out our funky 60's style!)

Now, I know you're thinking.."Wow, that's some deep snow there, sister! How ever did you manage?" Look, it's the only picture I got with any snow in it from my childhood, ok? (Yeah, Mom...I'm talking to you.....I lived back east for a couple of years and I got thousands, do you hear me?....thousands of snow kid pictures....yeah, that's right, Mom...)

Sooo, where was I? Oh, yeah, snow....I love to watch it fall, love to walk in it, love to make stuff out of it. We lived in Ohio for a couple of years and my son (who had never seen snow before) flipped out when we had our first official snowman buildin' kind of snow. This was his first (and only) snowman. (We moved back to the desert shortly after that.)


I love that little guy! (and my son too!) We had fun in the snow. (Well, there was that day when we got slammed by 2 feet in 2 hours and couldn't get out to get the Christmas ham from Honeybaked Ham...that really was a bummer...and there was the time when I ventured out for some last minute shopping after spending an hour shoveling my driveway to get out, only to return home to find the snowplow had been down the street and blocked my driveway with a 3 foot snow barrier...yep, huge bummer...) I still love it though...

In the desert your snowman looks like this..


We run out and catch the tumbleweeds as they roll by. Throw a few lights on 'em and we got ourselves a snowman, by golly! (oh, all right, I got this one at Lowes...)

It's gonna be in the 70's here today...but I think we're going to celebrate with the rest of you wintery Wednesday folks. Maybe have some hot cocoa with big marshmallows, make a few snowmen out of Moon Sand, dress in big warm coats (oh, wait...we don't have any of those...I guess our hoodies will have to do...don't laugh..70 degrees is pretty darn chilly to us desert folk!) I did find some super cool snowman stuff for the rest of you though...the lucky ones who actually get to be in snow....

How about this fabulous snow-woman makeover kit? You can even use your own dress up stuff to make it extra fancy!


You can find this little goodie at for $2.99!!! It's normally $14.00! (I've seen it at Borders too...) The lips alone make it worth the $2.99 price sticker!

Check out this amazing book! "Snowmen: Creatures, Crafts, and Other Winter Projects" by Frankeny, Jonath and Cole. It's got ideas for days and days of snowy fun!

Here are some ideas from inside this little treasure....

Yummy...snowman in a cone.....


See? Good times, as my darling daughter would say. So get out there and get your snowman on, people!

Have fun!

Post Script...Lookie what I found!!! Props to my Mom, Dad & Auntie Saundra for building me a luscious Snowman for my 2nd winter...This gorgeous fellow was built in you know how old I



The Blonde Duck said...

I love the snow punk! It cracked me up!

Jess to the Lo said...

When my Mom was growing up they lived in the desert too, my Grandma really did take tumbleweeds spray paint them white and tie them together to make a snowman for my Mom.

The one Christmas I spent in the desert we did not do this. Sadly...

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