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Minnie, Smitty, Puddin' and Scrappy

Another weird family confession...

We have a strange compulsion to nickname everyone. No one is safe from this torture. My husband infected us with this disease a long time ago and we have never recovered. This has proven awkward at his office Christmas parties where I am introduced to people by their "real" names, and I just stand there with a dumb look on my face. I usually lean over and whisper, "Isn't that Raisin?" or "I thought that his name was Bobblehead?"

My nickname was bestowed upon me at Disneyland when I was dating my husband. He started calling me Minnie and it stuck. Stuck to the point that to this day, my nephew calls me "Aunt Minnie." Sometimes I am "yo!" or "mouse", but mostly Minnie. My parents blessed me with "Dawnie Doodlebug" during my formative sister was Snicklefritz..that sounds like a bad Vegas act (in the really bad part of Vegas)..."Introducing Dawnie Doodlebug and Snicklefritz!"

My husband has many nicknames, some that I cannot mention here or your ears might catch on fire. He usually goes by Chilly, Smitty, Bro-ski, Heart Patient and a few others. Connor was my little "punkindoodle", "muffin", "little man". Now he prefers "Awesomeness" or "Your Highness." His dad decided yesterday to call him Puddin'. Connor replied that he'd be "puddin" something scary in Christine if daddy didn't revoke that new moniker.

Ah, yes, Christine...he even nicknames our vehicles. Currently we are driving "Christine" (for more info on this sordid story, check blog post "Christine...") and the "Crow". We have driven "Vanna", Minnie Van, Shaquille, just to name a few.

Catherine has had the most nicknames in the family...Cat, Miss Kitty, Kitty Cat, Kit Cat, Monkey, Miss Hi-Yaw, Lovie (my favorite), Angelpie, Sweetiekins and daddy's newest addition yesterday...Scrappy. (????) It's a wonder that she doesn't have multiple personalities cause we call her something different every day!

Snicklefritz, I mean my sister, used to call her son "Tuba" cause he was a giant baby...then as he "grew" into his fine self, it morphed into "Tooga". I usually refer to him as "dude." (He's the best nephew, I really mean it...EVER...super cool photo of him in my Catching Air post..) (Now, so we don't be hatin', let me explain why he was a giant baby...he was actually a preemie and steroids were used for his lungs..they caused him to look like a mini weightlifter for just a tiny bit, but then he went back to where he should be (according to all those charts and junk that tell you how you should be...)

Oh! Almost forgot...we have an aunt named "Her". My nephew calls my Auntie G by that lovely endearment. (she probably prefers that over being referred to as "Him"...hee hee hee...)

The best nickname of all goes to my sister...Cat calls her "Aunt Ooooo" (as in oooh-la-la....told ya' she's the stylish one...) We don't know where Cat came up with it. She just started calling her that one day and now we all call her Ooooo. (probably because Cat is just like Aunt Oooo...loves shoes, handbags, designer clothes and is very, very sassy...) Hands down...the best nickname in the family!

(This one is really going to freak my sister out..)...her husband calls her "boob"! She just loves it when he yells this out in the grocery store! "Hey, Boob! Come here!" LOLOLOL!

And this is why I feel so at home in the land of Blog! Everyone has a "nickname" here! So come on...hit me with some of your favorite family & friend nicknames! (We can always use new material in our house for good nicknames!)

Have a silly Sunday!


Cammie said…
I am mommy to
giddy boo
mommy baby
sissy lou
missy may
princess punky pants

and I only have 2 kids
The Blonde Duck said…
I have a ton of nicknames too1 I think it makes life more fun!
Claire said…
What a cute post!! I actually don't really have a nickname....when I was little my Mom called me Miss Claire, but that's about it. She specifically named all her kids so there could be no shortening of the name into a nickname! (Claire, Marla, Kurt, Craig).

I did the same with my daughter (Laura) although I call her Baby Lady all the time. I have no idea where I came up with that, but she loves it. I'll be so sad when she's not my Baby Lady anymore.
blognut said…
There's an award for you to pick up at my blog!

By the way, I have no nicknames I would share!
pam said…
My nicknames are Pammy, Pamella, Mrs.Bear, Pamela Pooh Bear, and my favourite - Beautiful(but that is by a seeing impaired individual)
Andrea said…
My daughter recently started calling me mamma -hama. It seems to have stuck, as now my dad calls me that when we're at his house, too!
Susan said…
How on earth do you keep all those nicknames straight? lol

Thanks for visiting my blog!
LOL...I'm the kind who nicknams people too...very rarely do I come across someone who does NOT inspire something goofy....
babyrocasmama said…
My nickname as a kid was Shannie or Shannie-Pooh. Which, one day my mother called me in front of my friends. I was twelve. i was tortured at school the next day, until I threatened bodily injury. LOL

My cat is named Zoe, but he is also furball, Mr. Zo, Zaz, and a couple of others.

My daughter is The Diva, Drama Queen, Boo, Miss Ro (her name is Rowan) and her new requested name Princess Rowan.

I am Queen Mommy. My husband also calls me Boobie or Bubba. He also sometimes calls me Cracker. I have southern roots, he is Mexican, sort of. He also calls me shorty to his stretch. I'm taller than him.

I call him Beige Boy because he is the whitest Mexican I have ever met. I also call him Bubba Huntin & Widdick Bowww (don't ask).

We come up with names all the time for things. I have no idea where it started. We have also called our daughter "A Freak in A Baby suit" since she was just days old. If you knew my daughter, you would understand why. Really. We aren't being mean, I swear. LOL

I am so glad you came by my blog. I am really happy you want to stay. Your blog is so pretty. And this post is way funny.
Erin said…
My husband names his cars...old blue, big red. It's kind of fun!
Lana said…
My aunt and uncle have been married for about 33 years, and pretty much only call each other "purr". No clue why.
My mother calls me "Nanoo Nanoo" (like from the show Mork And Mindy) or "Lana-ree". and my father lovingly refers to me as "Meathead".

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