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Grumpy (and Grateful)

What is it about being in your 40's that makes your body suddenly feel the need to wake up long before the crack of dawn? (do NOT laugh at that, family know what I mean...) I just can't sleep past 4:30 am anymore. I try my darndest, believe me. There's nothing I enjoy more than cuddling up under warm blankets and having sweet dreams (especially if they involve Jared Leto or Liam Neeson...oops! I mean my husband...sorry honey, just feeling ornery today...) Once I'm up, that's it. I have this weird burst of energy that lasts until about 2:00 pm then my balloon loses all air. That is, of course, the time my kids are on full power. It's a crazy life!

How do you like the new look? Just experimenting right now as I am very, very new to the blogworld. I thought it my brighten up my mood today. I love that it's wintery, cheery, a bit calm. I live in the desert southwest and it feels like spring here in the winter. (Although this morning, it actually feels like Minnesota in mid-winter!) I miss the midwest seasonal changes so I fake them here. Hey, whatever gets you through the day, right?

You may notice my blog title is Grumpy (and Grateful.) I woke up "in a temper" as they say in the south. (Probably because I couldn't keep dreaming about Liam Neeson...) I just felt really irritable. My Christmas decorations are still up, toys are littered throughout our humble home and I didn't do the dinner dishes last night. Yuck....I just stood there taking it all in and decided "heck with it"...time to check my email. I mean, who wants to clean house at 4:30 am? Now we get to the "grateful" part of this post...

I was pleasantly surprised (ok..I was really jumping up and down with glee) to find many emails from new friends who have been reading my family blog! There were so many kind words and compliments that my grumpiness all but vanished. Gratitude wrapped around me like a cozy blanket and warmed me right up. I actually felt my eyes getting droopy...there was that contentment I was feeling?....more, I felt so relaxed....time to crawl back into bed...I think I hear Liam calling....(darn it! I mean William..)

(Post Script...Thank you so kindly everyone for your amazing support and encouragement. I set out to create a family blog to keep our loved ones updated on what's happening in our world. I am truly grateful to have made so many new friends so quickly! Welcome!)


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