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We Say the Darndest Things....(Updated)

One of the best things to me about being a mom is watching (and listening) to my kids learn the English language. I try to write down all these little goodies whenever I catch them. Here are a few for your entertainment...

Connor (at age 7 ), Catherine & I (in Ohio) waiting with friends for the President's motorcade to drive by..."There sure is a lot of Social Security around here!" (he meant Secret Service..hee hee hee...)

Cat's version of "Deck the Halls"...Deck the halls with boughs of holly..falalalalalalala...Tease the season to be jolly...

The Family Dictionary
*mook - milk (Connor)
*girl cheese - grilled cheese (Cat)
*Show-off - Rudolph (Cat)
*The Brinch - The Grinch (Cat)
*The Nitwits - The Misfit Toys from Rudolph (Cat)
*hopscotch - butterscotch, also the name for Disney's Pluto (Cat)
*trouble jig - treble jig (irish dance) Cat
*bebe - baby (Cat)
(we could do an entire book of these.....)

"Hey! Do you want an uncle sandwich?" (Cat yelling at her brother shaking her fist)

"How long do you think I'll last in the digital derby?" (my city born husband talking about his run in the demolition derby at the county fair.)

"You should have seen the 3 huge jalapenos in our driveway!" (me, describing the javelinas that had wandered onto our property.)

Cat & I were watching the Wizard of Oz last week...her first time, my 1,000th time...when she leaned over and asked, "Mom, are there bears in this movie?" "Nope," I replied. "What about the Can Man?" LOLOLOLOL!!!! But the best part was after she realized she had her audience in hysterical laughter, she blew air kisses, took a few bows and said, "Thank you! Thank you! I'll be here all weekend!"


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