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BUSTED! I'm a Blog Stalker with Books! **UPDATED!**

*UPDATE! If you've already read this post, please scroll to bottom to the UPDATE! Exciting news down there!! (For you new visiting folks, please contain your excitement until you read through the posty...thanks!)

Can you see me blushing? (pink cheeks, shy smile)

I was busted. For Blog Stalking. Apparently, the word is out that I travel around blogland like a drifter in search of a bloggy place to leave my comments. I move from blog to blog littering comments here and there. And you know what? Someone out there liked that! That's right they did! They LIKED my comments and my stalking! They liked it so much that they awarded me this!


Yep! I'm a Super Stalker! A big hug and thanks to my dear sweet friend, Pam over at Country Mouse, City Mouse for sending this my way! (and I've been blogging for less than 30 days! I am honored!) Now, I have to pass this on to another Super Stalker. I nominate LORI at A DOUBLE SHOT OF ESPRESSO. She flings her lovely comments all throughout the land of Blog with joy! Now go and bestow this upon a stalker of your choice, oh Super Stalker!

Also, the very lovely Tori C. over at The Sweet Jelly Bean awarded me the Honest Scrap Award! Thank you, Tori! (here's a link to my post for the Honest Scrap answers!) I have to tell you that Tori's blog The Sweet Jelly Bean is adorable! Scoot on over there when you're all done here to check out her delicious delights! Let me tempt you with some...Not Your Mama's Snickerdoodles..mmmm...Milk Chocolate Covered Oreos with all sorts of toppings! yummmm...lots of goodies over there! Link to her Etsy shop while you're there too!


Here are the rules for the award:

The honorees are to:

A) List 10 honest things about yourself - and make it interesting, even if you have to dig deep!

B) Pass the award on to 7 bloggers that you feel embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap

Here are the 7 Award nominations....

*Kate at Home is Where My Heart Is

*Tracy at Diary of Sweet Nothings

*Lisa at Mama's Smitten

*Lori at A Double Shot of Espresso

*lagirl at Sweet Tea

*Seeker at Talk Talk Talk

*Misadventurous Mommy at My Mommy Said

I can't wait to read your Honest Scrap! Thanks again, Tori C.! I am feeling the bloggy love lately and it feels lovely!

Now, as mentioned in the title, I am a blog stalker with BOOKS! That's right, lovies...books! My bloggy buddies Cammie and Kel over at Girls With Books have invited me to be a contributor to their book blog! We will be reviewing books, sharing books we are reading, and overall just spreading our book loving joy with all of blogland! We would love to have you come over, sit for bit, read our bloggy and grab a button when you leave. (cause we know you'll want to come back and the button makes it easy for you!) Please come visit and of course, comments are very, very welcome (and followers too!) We look forward to having you over there!

Final thought for the day...what would your blog really look like if you didn't correct your typos? Mine would be a hot mess! The other day I tried to type "fact" probably 10x and I kept typing "fart"! Now for my family members reading this, that is hilarious. They know that I cannot even say that word out loud! I just can't do it! Which is why my subconscious mind probably kept making me type it over and over...that word is trying desperately to get out of my mouth! I prefer "toot" or something more ladylike. Just typing it is making me feel weird! I'm such a goofball! blog would be completely unreadable with all my typos! What about yours?

Now go and check out the linkies in this post! You'll be glad you did!

Happy Thursday! **UPDATE! I just published my first review over at Girls with Books! Scootie on over and read it!!!

p.s. Chilly...watching American Idol last night: "Minnie, are my ears bleeding?" (That's right, people! The nerdanderthal actually became evolved enough to ask me a question during Idol! Good for you, Chilly! His ears weren't bleeding, thank heavens, but mine definitely were after listening to some of those poor souls!)


mary-catherine said…
You never fail to give me a chuckle! We say poot ourselves...Congrats on your stalker award!
Seeker said…
you ole stalker you....GOOD JOB on the award...

As for the (excuse me for saying it) fart thing try "fluff" instead. It may sound and smell the same but you can pull it off...LOL
kate said…
Look at you with your awards! That's so awesome! Congrats (and notice me awardless)
Noah's Mommy said…
Congrats on your awards...two of my faves....and thank you for your awesome comment.....totally made my day......
Me said…
Congrats on BOTH your awards! I especially like the first one! What!? Okay, so maybe I'm a little partial!
Nerdy Jess said…
Sorry for being such an asshat on the comments lately :) I've been majah busy at work damn it. Oh I'm in love with Girls with Books, WOOTS!

I promise I'll hit up the award soon

xo Nerdy
Kristina P. said…
Congrats on your awards! I love coming to your blog!
mamas smitten said…
Can I just say YOU ROCK ! Super Stalker ! congrats. And thank you for the scrap award. I going to have to work on that one over the weekend! Thanks for all the award considerations. It soo much fun! I always look forward to checking you blog and not mention your lovely comments.
(he he he fart) You are totally cracking me up. I just wanted to come by and say Thank You for all the wonderful comments...I feel so full this moring after reading your comments.

um...did you actually list 10 honest things, or did I miss it??
Jen Sue Wild said…
You re too funny!!
Hey I love blog stalking.. It's so much fun to see how everyone lives or pretends to live. LOL
The Blonde Duck said…
I'm excited to see what you do on your book blog! That's so cool!
LORI said…
Erin said…
How fun! You are already addicted, and you've been doing this for less than a month? I'm impressed!
Seeker said…
thanks for the inspiration...did my HONEST thing over at my blog. Thanks
pam said…
I am looking forward to checking out the new blog. You go girl.
Guess Whoooooooooooo:) said…
For some reason I can't post a comment on Girls with Books, but....."Dead on" with your review! These books are "Fangtastic"! They are a great escape from reality which all moms need once in awile!

p.s. Did you get it? FANGtastic and DEAD on?
Anonymous said…
Just so you all know, we all know when Minnie "fluffs" because she runs out of the room in hysterics! She can't say the word, but she is human!
Bee and Rose said…
Just so you know, dear friends..."Anonymous" isn't so anonymous! That would be my dear sister who is the world's biggest methane offender! Can you say Aunt Eeeewwww?????
Bee and Rose said…
Uh..that would be methane gas...she ain't no crack ho!!!
Melissa said…
YAY!!! Congrats on your awards and can't wait to see the new blog/reviews.
Anonymous said…
How in the world did you just sign on to the bookie job and get a review written so quickly. Girl, you're amazing. And you've been blogging less than 30 days...I bow to you (in a non-religious way.)
Thank you for finding me back!!
I look forward to reading more of your blog tomarrow.
Im in East Mesa!!
Thank you for finding me back!!
I look forward to reading more of your blog tomarrow.Very fun!!
Im in East mesa.
Congratulations on the awards! Stalker, huh? You are a funny gal - I enjoyed reading this and I'll go check out the blogs you shared
Kristen Andrews said…
yeah awards and in the bloggy world a stalker is a good thing!

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