Monday, January 5, 2009

No Boys Allowed

We are back to school today after a wonderful Christmas break! I'm excited; Catherine's excited; Connor is definitely not excited. He has been enjoying his extra video game time, but now it's back to the books! We are homeschoolers (for those of you new to our family.) I have lots of great ideas for this semester. Hopefully, we can spend some time outside on the back porch with our book work. We live in Arizona so we have great weather in January through spring. I love homeschooling!

Yesterday, I was wandering around the house looking at the toys strewn about, most of them from Christmas, and I noticed that there were 2 things that Catherine has been playing with the most since Christmas Eve...a slinky and Connor's Guitar Hero World Tour box....yep, I said box. The slinky has had more playtime than all her toys combined over the last 6 years! The box (which is perfectly sized for her) has become a "clubhouse" which she has filled with toys, a pillow, a blanket and has added a "NO BOYS ALLOWED" sign to the outside. Had I observed this behavior more closely prior to Christmas, Santa's elves may not have had to work quite so hard for Santa to make a stop at our house! My husband calls her "Profit". (for those of you unfamiliar with this, "Profit" was a show in the 90's about a millionaire who liked to sleep in a box...weird, huh?) She spent a huge amount of time in that box yesterday. I guess it must seem cozy and womblike to her. She is a strange bird, that one! She looked especially cute since she dressed herself. She had on a red top with her apple leggings (so far, so good) and finished it off with her fancy Belle red and gold high heels. She had lathered on lots of glittery lip gloss. She came out, proud as punch that she had readied herself for the day, and promptly got in the box. She takes her "cell phone" in with her and calls "Bobby" her invisible friend so he can join in the fun. I asked why Bobby was allowed in the box when the sign says "no boys allowed." She informed me that he wasn't "in" the box...he was only allowed to participate by phone. Clubhouse rules, you know. Connor just walks by and rolls his eyes. I love that he gets so irritated by her behavior. Oh, all the years he has ahead of him to deal with the weirdness of Off to wake the little people....wish me luck! Hopefully, I won't be taken down by super bad morning breath, grumpiness or whining! (I guess a cheery Mary Poppins greeting probably wouldn't be such a great idea...they would definitely send me packing!) Time to soldier on to see what awaits in their lairs....


Post Script..I went in and found Cat dressed head to toe, teeth brushed, hair combed..completely ready for school!!! She rocks!

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