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American Idle (aka I have a Nerdanderthal in my house..)

Yes, I spelled Idle in the title on purpose. (I'm a poet and didn't know it..hee hee...) And yes, there are such creatures as "nerdanderthals."

Every Tuesday beginning in January, strange behavior comes over my husband. This is a guy who is an articulate, smart dude with a work ethic that is unmatched anywhere in the Universe. This guy went back to work 3 weeks after heart bypass surgery! He's a force to be reckoned with! However, come American Idol time, he becomes a nerdanderthal. What is that, you ask? Hmmm...let's see how best to explain???

Neanderthal caveman + Nerdy Behavior = Nerdanderthal

Time stands still ( do you get it?? American so punny...) in our house from the time AI comes on until it's over. Nothing can tear Chilly away from the TV. (Proof...last night, Catherine singing at the top of her lungs to a Dan Zanes song, "Pay me, you owe me my money down. Pay me or go to jail...Pay me my money down"...I, of course, come running to see who she's trying to shake husband? still in front of the tv...)

Top 5 Reasons Why My Hubs is an American Idol Nerdanderthal

1. When we moved across country 5 years ago, we had to schedule our driving times so we would arrive at our hotel in time to watch the show. When we moved back...same deal.

2. When he had heart bypass surgery on a Monday, he was determined to be completely conscious on Tuesday for AI. (which he!)

3. When he hears the theme song, no matter where he is, he does the "spanky dance". No place is safe.

4. He gives wardrobe commentaries, his professional voice coach opinions, etc. as if Paula, Randy, Simon and Kara can actually hear him. (He does this out loud and even if no one else is in the room....can you say "nerdanderthal??")

5. If you try to talk to him during this time, all you get is grunting and hand gestures.

Nothing can shake his commitment to American Idol. He has never missed an episode. NEVER. Every year he has picked the winner months in advance. When he found out they were in Phoenix and he didn't know, it was like a bullet in his heart. I'll spare you the details of the wailing and crying that went on.

This morning I asked, "do you think Kara is hotter than Paula?" Chilly, getting all excited, "Yeah, I do. She's your age." HUH?????? Is he saying "you're hot too" or "you better get on the stick, girl"...I didn't even bother with asking...ugh...

Now, I admit, I do watch the show. I like the show. I don't turn into a nerdanderthal for the show. I can still multitask with the best of them even when it's on. And yeah, David Cook...super hottie....hope to see him around this season....(oh, simmer down, Chilly...I see you checking out your hottie, Kara...)

And so it goes for another season. More hand gestures, grunting, blah, blah, blah. I'm quite frankly surprised he hasn't asked Christine to park in the family room and watch it with him. (For those of you new to this circus, my husband has feelings for his truck...he calls her Christine...if he could shrink her and put her in his pocket to carry around with him everywhere, he would do it. There's an entire post in my archives about Christine...feel free to read the madness...) Oh well, I've got my bloggy and my bloggy buddies now...oh...does that make me a bloganderthal????

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Seacrest Out...

I mean, Catch ya later!

p.s. A big THANK YOU shout out for all the kind birthday wishes for Catherine! You made her birthday very special!

p.s.s. Props to Chilly in his blithering nerdanderthal state for saying "nerdanderthal" last night...he was trying to communicate with me during a commercial break...we were talking about cavemen, etc...and neanderthal came out "nerdanderthal"...of course, I immediately thought...BLOG material!!! (evil laugh...)

p.s.s.s. I love you, are a good sport....


Me said…
Oh..I have to catch my breath..I'm laughing so hard! I love this! Nerdanderthal.....hilarious! I have never heard of guy that into idol!

P.S. I am so diving into your archives to read about Christine!
Anonymous said…
Heck I think we all need a good addiction !

If I don't have my bath every night I'm a major grumpy bear.
Kristina P. said…
That's too funny! I stopped watching AI sometime ago because it's on like 6 days a week! I have other reality TV shows to watch!
Marie Reed said…
My cheeks hurt from smiling! Hilarious! It's good that it has it's advantages though - post operation consciousness! Holy Moly!
pam said…
I have never really gotten into American Idol. BUT, I did watch some of it last night. It breaks my heart to watch those people get their dreams shattered. It also irked me(sorry I am on a rant now) how they made fun of that one poor guy with the beard and scruffy hair. I truly felt sorry for him. Maybe it is all staged and I am sucker, I don't know.

Any way here I am on my daily blog on your blog.... did you see I passed on the Stalker award to you?? I will email you to talk about the speech issue. Thanks, for listening!! Love you!
Aunt OOOOOOOO! :) said…
CHILLY YOU ARE A TRUE NERDANDERTHAL! I must say everytime Idol is on I think of you. Minnie could blog for years just on you alone! LMAO! Should I call you when I find out who wins before you do? Wouldn't that just suck for you!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!
Bee and Rose said…
WOOOOHOOOOOO! Aunt OOOOOOO! making comments on my blog!!!! Yippeeee! That freakin' rocks my socks off!!!!!!
sandy said…
LMAO! This is too funny:0)
mamas smitten said…
Hey does youe hubby know whatever happened to Brian Dunkleman??LOL!
Jillene said…
I would get along with Chilly SOOOOO well. I am a nerdanderthal when it comes to AI too. I have even been to several AI concerts. The best was last year seeing how David Archuleta is from my home town and we went to the same High School. That makes me seim-famous (even though I went to High School 17 years before him)!!
Tracy said…
I.AM.DYING. You have described my honey to a perfect T. Seriously. hahahahahaaaaa
Debbie said…
This was so funny and it really sounds kinda charming that he loves it so much:)
Bee and Rose said… husband will be so jealous of you!!!!
Melissa said…
OMG...TOOO FUNNY!!! I would love to be fly on the wall in your house when the show is
Erin said…
That is so funny! I would love to see some video of him doing the sparky dance!
Lana said…
American what?
Just kidding. I don't have cables, so I've only seen a few episodes here and there over the years. My boyfriend's sister actually auditioned for Canadian Idol 4 years ago. She made it on TV as one of the flunkies. She was so nervous she forgot the words and had the "duh" look on her face. poor thing!!
I am giving you an award on my blog, so come on over to check it out! Thanks for being so awesome!
Anonymous said…
Does he stop talking to you the instant the show comes back on then? My husband doesn't watch it all the time but if he wanders it and it's on, it will suuuuuuuuuuuuck him in like a vacuum.
LORI said…
Seeker said…
well that just about made my whole week...Great blogging material and i had to laugh at poor Chilly. Never heard of someone that addicted. Oh well to each HIS own. Thanks for both pick-me-ups...your blog and your comment on my post.
kel said…
I love me some American Idol! Hey, I can think of worse things to be addicted too!
Anonymous said…
Thank you for lovely comment I will put you in blog giveaway!

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