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Book Nook (and a little Music too!)

Reading and listening to music are some of the most pleasurable things in life to me!  There's nothing like getting lost in a story to relax and rejuvenate the weary soul!  Music is the healer of all things and we are constantly plugged into music around the Smith casa:)  Make sure to scroll down to check out our Playlist!  There are links to some of our favorite tunes right now along with some oldies but goodies:)

What are you reading?  
Here's my stack of good reads waiting next to my bed:)

~Re-visiting the Book Thief with my daughter...such a wonderful book ~
~P.S. I Love You..really loved this movie so I thought I'd check out the book~
~The Second Book of Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children - Hollow Book One and it was really a great story!  Love the way the author used odd photos to help shape the story!  Highly recommend this one!
~The Fault in our Stars~ very moving, emotional story...reading again:)  Can't wait to see the movie on June 6!  If you haven't read this, please do!

Loving lots of music these days:)  Here are a few of our current faves....
(sorry for the ads w the videos..ugh...)

                I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) - The Proclaimers

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(Update! Comments are now closed for the Monster Giveaway! Thank you for participating!)

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I hate this disease with a passion...more on that in a moment...

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