About Me!


I'm Dawn...

~Mom to Catherine, a Tween Irish Dancer and 
Connor, my teenager who is an aspiring and 
talented musician / also studying sound & music production~ 


~I am a lover of books, music, holidays
(especially Halloween) and taking photos of my family~

~Stay-at-home Mom, Authoress, & Proprietress of 
Black Crow Boutique, Holiday Hollow & Storyteller Celebrations~

(me and my favorite mermaid)

~LOVE LOVE LOVE my family! ~

We try to keep lots of humor in the Smith family household because laughter really is the best medicine.  Sarcasm and Wit run amok in our family 
(and as my daughter pointed out this morning, on this blog as well!)

  I would like to thank you for encouraging me to come back to the Land of Blog.  Again, your emails and Facebook messages meant so much:)
I'm happy to be "home." Please feel free to email me at


I hope that even though you may enter here as a stranger, 
you will leave as a friend!

Thanks for stopping in to visit!

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